Quick Hit: Today's ST Opener Starting Lineup

Man it feels good to write a title like that again!  The Yanks open their 2015 Spring Training game schedule this afternoon against the Philadelphia Phillies, who are fresh off getting beat by a college team.  If only the Daily News could find a way to work a joke about that into a joke about A-Rod on their back page.  That would be hilarious! Anyway, here's the starting lineup for today's game:

1) Jacoby Ellsbury- CF 2) Brett Gardner- LF 3) Chris Young- RF 4) Garrett Jones- 1B 5) Jose Pirela- 2B 6) Austin Romine- C 7) Kyle Roller- DH 8) Jonathan Galvez- 3B 9) Nick Noonan- SS

SP) Adam Warren

There will also be a slew of top prospects playing off the bench and out of the 'pen today, so that should be fun.  Yankee baseball, baby!  It's back in a few short hours.