Quick hit: Step right up, folks!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome to the "it's not-a-media-circus" media circus starring Alex Rodriguez!

Are we even sure that's actually Alex? And what's more, can we be sure he isn't being assaulted by an angry teammate?

Oh, okay, thanks Brendan!

Check out ESPN NY's Wally Matthews and his red kicks. Mike Vaccaro is being pretty lazy by looking through the mesh fence. Tsk, Tsk. Oh wait, he's balancing the table so Wally and Buster don't fall down. My bad.

Hey, it's the Miami pullover again!

Alex, please stop assaulting Wally. That's what's happening in that last picture, right?

Okay, I realize everyone is suffering from A-Rod fatigue and I promise, I'll tone it down in the next few days but for right now, this is highly amusing and I had to do this. Sorry.