Midweek morning roundup: 2/25/15

Mark Teixeira reported to camp two days after Alex Rodriguez but people aren't badmouthing him because of it. They're badmouthing him instead, because he claims he feels healthy this year. God forbid a dude claims to be healthy though I kind of see the naysayers' point of view: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me a few times, I'm obviously a gullible moron. Anyway, Tex had a lot to say this morning and thanks to the tireless efforts of the beat writers down in Tampa, we don't have to wait for entire articles to be written. We have their tweets!

I singled out Bryan Hoch of MLB.com for today:

And now for the bad news:

Um, Mark? There are a lot of new guys this year too! Don't stop doing "Foul Territory."

Mariano Rivera is at Spring Training. Unfortunately, he won't be pitching.

And now, for your moment of zen.... (™The Daily Show)