Dear Writers, This is not the Bronx Zoo

Dear Bob Nightengale (and others),

The statement above is not true in any way. The infamous "Bronx Zoo" era of Yankee baseball was a lot more chaotic, there was a lot more infighting and it was nothing like the current state of Yankee baseball.

Are things perfect for the Yankees right now? Not by a long shot but things are not out of control in any way.

As far as you and I know, Alex Rodriguez showed up to camp a couple of days early, hit some balls out of the park, practiced in the field and then signed autographs for fans as he was leaving the complex. At least that's what every writer's tweets, pictures and videos showed us this afternoon and evening.

Oh do you mean that the coverage is crazy? Well, this is New York and this is how things happen around here. Especially where A-Rod is concerned. The media claims it's not a media circus when it actually is a media circus and instead of blaming themselves for creating said circus, they'll just blame Alex for showing up a couple of days early.

By the way, how dare Rodriguez do that, right? Who shows up to work early these days anyway? Oh Carlos Beltran? Right, well who else? What do you mean Derek Jeter did that all the time? Well, he lives near the ballpark! Rodriguez lives all the way in Miami. He has no excuse for doing something horrible.

Anyway, I'm getting off track here. The whole uproar about Rodriguez showing up early is for another rant (which will probably be published tomorrow morning so stay tuned for that one!)

The truth is guys aren't coming to blows in the dugout or on the field and guess what? It probably won't ever happen with this group, so the national media really needs to stop with the lazy comparisons and hyperbole.

Thanks so much! Stacey