Saturday morning roundup: 2/21/15

Here are some notes, quotes and tweets from Spring Training. First up, CC Sabathia and his "bum" knee:

CC on A-Rod:

CC on getting older and adjusting:

Pitchers are getting to work:

Rob Refsnyder has changed his swing. Here's video:

Some articles for you to peruse if you so desire:

  • The Yankees held a third workout for Yoan Moncada and this time Uncle Hank Steinbrenner was in attendance. Oooh. Some people think this doesn't mean anything and that the Yankees still won't sign him but I don't know, a third date is a pretty important milestone in a potential relationship. That's usually the time when you decide "yay" or "nay" so we shall see what happens.
  • Numbers have been assigned! No decimals or fractions yet but I'm sure those will be coming soon.
  • Are the Yankees underdogs? They seem to think so and are embracing the role.

If any breaking news happens, we'll be on it.