Friday afternoon and evening open thread: 2/20/15

Good afternoon. This will be your open thread for all things Yankees, if you so choose. Earlier today, Joe Girardi addressed the media and answered a whole bunch of questions about the upcoming season. The final tally, courtesy of Jack Curry of the YES Network: 35 questions and seven of them were about Alex Rodriguez. Not bad. I was expecting much worse.

So what did Girardi say? Well, he said the word excited many times:

  • He's excited to see how the season plays out.
  • He's excited about the new guys.
  • He's excited that the team has a bunch of younger guys.
  • He's excited to see if Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran will be healthy and have bounce back seasons.
  • He hopes to see a bounce back season from Brian McCann as well.
  • He also hopes that the offense won't be so dependent on Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner.
  • He said the middle of the lineup is important.
  • He's excited to see what the rotation does.
  • He's excited to put the bullpen together.
  • He's excited to see how the team gels together over the next 5-6 days.
  • He also joked about possibly using name tags because there are so many new players coming to camp.
  • He said he can't wait to see the new defense and believes the better defense will definitely help the Yankees win games in 2015. He said it's going to be strange to not see Derek Jeter at camp.

  • He answered the A-Rod questions tactfully and handled himself well.
  • He also said that Alex will have to fight for playing time and that people shouldn't judge his performance right away because he's been away from the game for so long.
  • He said he does have some injury concerns as far as CC Sabathia and Masahiro Tanaka are concerned but also added that Tanaka threw a bullpen session yesterday and came out of it perfectly fine.
  • He was asked about Tanaka's last start of 2014 (remember that clunker?) and he said he wasn't worried about it. He felt it was just a blip.
  • He talked about Dellin Betances's 2014 and how impressive it was. He also said that he likes having both Betances and Andrew Miller as possible closers because one guy can step in when the other gets tired.

Since Girardi is so excited to start the season, tell us what you're most excited about this season. And for this exercise, I want you to try and be positive. Leave the negative thoughts in your head for now.