Not-quite-so random thoughts on a Wednesday afternoon

Good afternoon! Things are kind of slow around here because of the lull between Alex Rodriguez apologies and pitchers and catchers reporting to camp. So, in the spirit of it being a slow day, I'm going to fire off some random and not-so-random thoughts about baseball, the media and anything else that has crossed my mind so far today.

(And yes, it's pro A-Rod but you already know that about me.)


  • I woke up this morning to see this piece J.R. Moehringer on ESPN being discussed on Twitter. Big thanks to friend of the blog Craig Calcaterra for bringing it to my attention. Here's his summary of the piece.
  • If you haven't read it yet, make the time to do so. It's a longform piece so it may be better for you to do it on the train or bus home from work, or maybe later on tonight when you're home and comfortable with time to read.
  • It took me 30 minutes.
  • Anyway, one you get past the flowery language in the first section, you get pulled into the story and can't help but read the whole thing. At least that's what happened to me.
  • It won't change your mind about Alex Rodriguez if you're one of those "A-Rod is the evilest evil to ever evil" types but it may open your eyes a bit.
  • Of course, people are reacting to it in a typical way.
  • Some well-established writers are now comparing Rodriguez to Stringer Bell of The Wire.
  • I didn't watch the show but even I think that comparison is ridiculous.
  • Not as ridiculous as Bill Madden comparing Rodriguez to Whitey Bulger but still silly just the same.
  • Other well-established writers took one, single, solitary quote from the piece and have blown it out of proportion.
  • Knowing which site they write for makes that not-so-shocking. I cannot disclose the name of the site because, alas, I do not want to get into trouble (That should give you a hint.)
  • A.J. Cassvell wrote a nice piece about Bernie Williams on Sports on Earth. Make time to read that one too.
  • That's two pieces by people who go by their initials.
  • I'm going to start calling myself S.R. Gotsulias.
  • The R is for Rose.
  • Oh, in case you didn't know, Eric Chavez will be working for the Yankees as a scout.
  • I liked Chavez when he was on the Yankees.
  • Back to A-Rod. I think it's absolutely hilarious how bent out of shape some writers became after his handwritten apology came out. Some of them seemed personally offended.
  • Some were saying he shouldn't have apologized which I think is total B.S. because you know if A-Rod didn't say anything and just showed up for Spring Training, they would have been bashing him for not apologizing.
  • Alex knows he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. He cannot win so he issued that handwritten apology which by the way, was analyzed by the Wall Street Journal, so he wouldn't create a media circus at Yankee Stadium. And now people are bashing him for not wanting to create a media circus.
  • It's the same people who say the same things over and over again ad nauseam.
  • You know how there are writers who only write negative articles on certain sites? Yeah, they came out of their holes as well.
  • But it's funny because the same people who are bashing A-Rod from here to eternity are praising Andy Pettitte for his statement yesterday.
  • "I never wanted to cheat, man. I just took the stuff to help me get back onto the field faster, man." (I'm paraphrasing but that's essentially what he said.)
  • That is cheating though because you're not letting your body heal the normal way. You finding a way around the healing process which is, in a sense, cheating. Right?
  • Newsflash: It's all cheating. Whether you did it to get an edge on your competitors or whether you wanted to get back to the field faster.
  • Enough of this stuff. We're officially in "blurry pictures from Florida" season. It started yesterday. I have a word of advice to the beat writers who are already down in Florida: Get better phones. I have the LG G3 and it takes amazing pictures.
  • The pictures, as blurry as they are, are making me feel warm.
  • The pictures, in all their shaky glory, are making me dream of being in Florida.
  • Last night I dreamt I was at DisneyWorld with my dad. I haven't dreamt much about him since he passed away but it was a nice dream. He was younger in it. He didn't have gray hair and was definitely wearing clothes from the 80s.
  • Remember the 80s? I do.
  • Today is Didi Gregorius's 25th birthday.
  • Crazily enough, I was in a car on the way home from a trip to DisneyWorld 25 years ago today. Isn't that funny?
  • I forgot that individual game tickets were going on sale today so I missed out on getting reasonably priced seats for Opening Day and Old Timers' Day. Guess I'll have to StubHub them closer to the dates.
  • And while I realize this year's team is a big mystery - I mean, really? Who are half of these guys? - I am very excited for baseball to start. Aren't you?
  • Baseball means warm weather and green grass.
  • I haven't seen a patch of grass in what seems like 30 years. This winter is the pits.
  • Okay, I think that's it from me.

Enjoy your afternoon!