Moncada Updates: Decision By 2/23, The $100 Million Man?

Haven't talked about Yoan Moncada lately, so let's catch up on the newest news on that front. The biggest news came about a day ago, when in a story by Jerry Crasnick of ESPN, Moncada's representative said the plan is for Moncada to make his signing decision by Monday, February 23rd.  David Hastings, Moncada's rep, said they have a more private workouts scheduled for next week, including a handful of "look backs" by teams who have already held a private workout, and that they want to make the decision after those workouts are completed.

This morning, Ken Rosenthal tweeted that the expected price tag for Moncada has risen to the $40-50 million range, making it a $100 million investment with the tax.  That's a huge chunk of change for a 19-year-old player who won't be playing at the MLB level for a few years, so that should tell you something about how good Moncada is and can be and how well baseball is doing financially when teams can take that kind of financial risk.

The Yankees were not mentioned by name in any of these reports, although I have to imagine they'll be one of the clubs having a "look back" session with Moncada this week.  There was a line in Cranick's story from Hastings stating that he "already has one concrete offer in hand", but of course he didn't name the team.  If that's true and not him doing his job, I wouldn't be surprised if that team was the Yankees and I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't.  At least we have a rough deadline for the decision.  Between pitchers and catchers and Moncada's choice, that'll an interesting 4-day block in Yankeeland.