Update: Best Yankee Moments of the Derek Jeter Era

Earlier this week, we asked you to nominate the best moments in recent Yankee history. The response was massive: by my count, we have 54 nominations, even after consolidated some moments together. Our original plan was to just put all of the nominations on a spreadsheet and tell you to rank them all. Unfortunately, there are way too moments to do that. I tried ranking all 54 this morning, and it would have taken hours had I not given up. So, we have a new game plan. The IIATMS team will narrow the list down to a more manageable ballot (probably 15 or 20, plus some honorable mentions), and ask you to rank them. This may take a few days, so I will be breaking my promise to put them all to a vote this week.

In the mean time, here is the pretty impressive list (my own typos included) that you put together. Good job, ya'll.

2014 Regular Season: Derek Jeter Game-Winning Hit in Final Yankee Stadium Game
2013 Regular Season: Mariano Rivera Final Save
2012 ALDS Game 3: Raul Ibanez Game-tying Home Run in the 9th, Walk-off Home run in the 11th
2012 ALCS Game 1: Raul Ibanez Game-Tying, 2-Run Home Run in the 9th Inning
2011 Regular Season: Mariano Rivera Breaks the Save Record
2011 Regular Season: Jorge Posada Plays 1 Inning at 2nd Base
2011 Regular Season: Derek Jeter's 3000th Hit
2011 Regular Season: Curtis Granderson Hits 3rd Grand Slam on Comeback Win
2009 WS Game 4: Johnny Damon 'Mad Dash' Double-Steal
2009 Regular Season: Mariano Rivera RBI Walk off KRod
2009 Regular Seaon: Alex Rodriguez Walk-Off Pop Up Against the Mets
2009 ALDS Game 2: Mark Teixeira Walk-off Home Run in the 11th Inning
2009 ALDS Game 2: David Robertson Works Out of Bases Loaded, No Out Jam
2009 ALDS Game 2: Alex Rodriguez Game-Tying 2-run HR off Joe Nathan
2009 ALCS Game 2: Jerry Hairston Jr. Scores the Game-Winning Run on an error in the 13th
2009 ALCS Game 2: Alex Rodriguez Game-Tying Home Run in the 11th Inning
2008 Regular Season: Jose Molina Hits Final Home Run at Yankee Stadium-2
2007 Regular Season:Alex Rodriguez Hits Home Run #500
2006 Regular Season: Derek Jeter Game-Tying Single off Papelbon in Game 4 of the 'Second Boston Massacre', Giambi and Posada Win in the 10th
2006 Regular Season Jorge Posada Game-Winning Home Run Caps 9-0 Comeback with Gam
2005 Regular Season: Derek Jeter's First Career Grand Slam
2004 Regular Season: Derek Jeter's Running Catch into the Stands
2004 ALDS Game 4: Ruben Sierra Walk-Off Three-Run Home Run
2003 ALCS Game 7: Jorge Posada's Game-Tying 2-Run Double off Pedro in the 8th Inning
2003 ALCS Game 7: Aaron Boone Home Run
2002 Regular Season: Jason Giambi 'True Yankee' walk-off grand slam down 3 runs in the rain
2002 ALDS Game 1: Bernie Williams 3-Run, Game-Winning Home Run
2001 WS Game 5: Scott Brosius 9th Inning Home Run, Alfonso Soriano Game-Winning Hit
2001 WS Game 4: Tino Martinez 9th Inning Home Run, Derek Jeter "Mr November" Home Run
2001 ALDS Game 3: Derek Jeter Flip Play
2000 WS Game 5: Luis Sojo Game-Winning Single in the 9th, Mo Gets Piazza to Fly Out to Bernie Williams
2000 WS Game 5: Luis Sojo Game-Winning Single
2000 WS Game 4: Derek Jeter 1st Inning Lead Off Home Run
2000 WS Game 2: Roger Clemens Throws Broken Bat Near Piazza, Starts Brawl
2000 WS Game 2: Paul O'Neil Draws Walk in 10-Pitch At Bat Against Armondo Benitez, Eventually Scores the Tying Run
2000 WS Game 1: Jose Vizcaino Walk-Off Single
2000 WS Game 1: Derek Jeter throws out Timo Perez at home
2000 ALCS Game 6: David Justice Home Run off Arthur Rhodes
2000 ALCS Game 4: Roger Clemens Gets Arod to Ground Out to End a 15K, One-Hit Shutout
1999 WS Game 3: Chuck Knoblauch Ties Game with 2-Run Home Run off Tom Glavine
1999 WS Game 3: Chad Curtis Walk-Off Home Run in the 10th
1999 ALCS Game 1: Bernie Williams Game-Winning Home Run in the 11th Inning
1998 WS Game 3: Scott Brosius Three-Run Home Run off Trevor Hoffman
1998 WS Game 1: Tino Martinez Go-Ahead Grand Slam
1998 Regular Season: David Wells Perfect Game
1999 Regular Season: David Cone Perfect Game
1998 ALCS Game 4: El Duque Strikes Out Manny Ramirez and Jim Thome To Preserve Lead in the 6th
1996 WS Game 6: Joe Giradi RBI Triple
1996 WS Game 5: Paul O'Neil Catch Ends the Game
1996 WS Game 4: Wade Boggs Go-Ahead RBI Walk in the 11th Inning
1996 WS Game 4: Jim Leyritz Game-Tying Home Run 8th Inning
1996 Regular Season: Doc Gooden No-Hitter
1996 ALCS: Derek Jeter-Jeffrey Maier Home Run
1996 ALCS: Derek Jeter Throws Out Cal Ripken to Clinch 1996 AL Pennant
1996 ALCS Game 1: Bernie Williams Game-Winning Home Run