Quick Hit: Happy Anniversary, Cash

image If you didn't know, today marks the 17th anniversary of Brian Cashman taking over as GM of the Yankees.  17 years as the GM.  That's an eternity in modern sports, especially when you're talking about the most successful and most widely known American sports franchise in the history of the world that has a well-earned reputation for front office fireworks.  Whether you like Cash or not, that's an impressive feat and one that merits mentioning today.

During Cash's tenure as Yankee GM, the team has won 4 World Series titles, 6 AL pennants, and 12 AL East titles, including 9 straight from 1998-2006.  That's quite the resume, one that basically writes Cash a check for whatever he wants to do when he decides he's done GM'ing and one that keeps the Yankees coming back to him to do the job while some call for his firing.  He's had some great moments and some he'd probably like to take back.  He's made some killer trades ('sup, Nick Swisher), and more than a few bad signings ('sup, Pedro Feliciano).  He's been a part of the Steinbrenner craziness at its modern peak, and now seemingly risen above it working under his sons.  He's just as big a piece of this extended Yankee dynasty as Jeter, Mo, and Torre, and he should be recognized as such.

So happy anniversary, Cash.  I'm glad you were given more control back this offseason and I'm looking forward to this direction you seem to be taking the club in.  Just promise me you won't go cheap on the rotation next offseason and we're good.