Tanaka Update: He Says "So Far So Good" For The Elbow During Offseason Workouts

Tanaka Workout We've heard pretty consistent information on CC Sabathia's offseason rehab and workout programs, but precious little on Masahiro Tanaka and what he's been up to.  That changed recently when Kyodo Sports in Japan did a quick story updating his offseason workout progress.

Tanaka has been back in Japan working out with some of his former Rakuten Golden Eagles teammates, and according to the article he has been running, doing fielding drills, and playing catch.  Those throwing sessions have included breaking balls, although it goes without saying that these sessions are a fraction of the intensity level of a real bullpen session or actual game throwing.

When asked about how everything was going, Tanaka said "So far so good — including that (the elbow),"  He also said he's not planning on changing his approach now that he's pitched in MLB and teams have had a chance to face him and scout him firsthand.

“Whether I’m the ace or I’m used in different roles within games, I’m always thinking I’m going to win, so I’m not going to change anything I do."

The concern level for his UCL is going to be sky high all season, but for now this is all good news.  Anything that isn't a report on him feeling pain or having swelling or re-tearing the UCL is good news.