Tuesday Morning Food For Thought: A World Without Brendan Ryan

With the Braves claiming Eury Perez off waivers last Friday, the loop was finally closed on the Stephen Drew roster addition. Perez was the most logical choice to be sacrificed, as the Yankees have plenty of 40-man outfield depth in the form of their own young players. Now that he's gone though, the clock may and should be ticking on Brendan Ryan. What does he bring to the table at this point? He can't hit. At all. Statistical metrics have his defense on a major decline from where it was 2-3 years ago.  The money owed to him is a little more than half of the already minuscule number the Yanks are paying to Drew this year.  Drew's presence on the roster gives the Yankees another solid shortstop option to back up Didi, and the presence of guys like Jose Pirela and Rob Refsnyder who can play second base makes Ryan expendable there as well.  Ryan serves no purpose on this roster anymore.  He's the Tom Smykowski of the 40-man; a broken down spare part for which the Yankees no longer have a use or need.

What they do need is more starting pitching, and even with the free agent market drying up in terms of both quality and quantity, it's more than reasonable to expect that they're going to add another cheap arm or 2 at some point before the start of Spring Training. Even if those arms don't initially come on anything more than a non-roster camp invite, if they do enough in spring to justify a roster spot, Ryan has to be the next to go. He has to be. In an offseason of marginal upgrades and building for the future, he has to nothing to offer to further either of those goals. The best thing the Yanks can do with him now is cut their losses and use him to make room for somebody who can be a marginal upgrade.

P.S.- Remember when I wrote this blog back in September of 2013? Sweet fancy Moses, what the hell was I thinking?!? A man-crush on Brendan Ryan?? Talking about him out-WARing guys like Jayson Nix and Eduardo Nunez like that was something to be proud of? Definitely not my finest hour. The fact that I spent time writing that for AB4AR and then thought it was worthy of being syndicated on IIATMS is mind-bottling.