Monday Night Open Thread: A-Rod Gossip And Snow

Sorry for the slow day on the site today, gang.  For some reason I could never get my brain to start getting into blog mode, and every time I got close something came up at work.  Blogging equivalent of an 0-5 day at the plate with 2 inning-ending GIDPs and 6 runners left on base. Not that anybody was short on reading material today.  A lot of local papers were running with more anti-A-Rod stories instead of actually reporting on something that matters.  I'm not going to give any site the pageviews they so desperately want.  If you want to go find the stories on your own, more power to you.  The long and short of it is that A-Rod met with Rob Manfred to try to put last year in the rearview and focus on moving forward.  He reached out to do the same thing with the Yankees and got turned down, and now the team is supposedly gearing up to try to fight having to pay him the HR bonus money that they included as part of his contract that he signed.  Whatever.  If you want to read some A-Rod material that is actually worthwhile, check out Dom's piece from earlier this morning.

As for the weather, I hope everybody has gotten or is in the process of getting to where they need to be before the big snowpocalypse rolls through.  I know it seems like I'm safe and sound removed from the madness out here in Wisconsin, but check this out.

That picture was taken on my front steps less than an hour ago, and as you can see the steps were almost covered with snow already.  I'm pretty sure they're completely covered now and we've got a little bit starting to stick to the windshields, so I'm right there in the struggle with you guys.  Come and get a taste, blizzard.  You know you won't do it.

Talk about the snow totals, A-Rod, prospects, or whatever else your hearts desire here.