Weekend Open Thread: 1/25/15

Alex Rodriguez Arriving at  MLB Offices  in NYC This is your weekend open thread.

If you live in the Northeast, go out and get some groceries because you may have three feet of snow dumped onto your house from Monday night through Wednesday morning. If you don't live in the Northeast, you're lucky.

Anyway, we do have some Yankee news. Alex Rodriguez wanted to meet and apologize to the Yankees, they said "Nope! See ya in Tampa!" Of course, there are a few versions of this story. Some headlines suggest that the Yankees just said no without explaining that they want to wait until Spring Training. How odd! So much sensationalizing! (Not really.) Oh and Alex met with new commissioner Rob Manfred and the meeting was positive. Go figure.

And speaking of Spring Training, we're really close, you guys! It's three weeks away! Thank goodness.

Enjoy your Sunday!