Wednesday Night Open Thread: Where Would You Rank ManBan?

I hope everybody has had a chance to fully read and digest Part I of the IIATMS Top 30.  If not, please stop reading this and go back to that.  Shame on you. For those who have, tonight's open thread topic is simple, where would Manny Banuelos have been ranked in your top 30, 20, 10, whatever, if he wasn't traded to Atlanta?  There was a bit of a back-and-forth in the comment section of another blog today, and engaging in the back-and-forth actually got me thinking about where I had ManBan a few weeks ago before he was traded away.  I know the Yankees were down on him and the talk was starting to turn towards his shift to the bullpen eventually, but I still had some hope for him as a starter as he got further away from TJS and I still had him ranked 9th in my personal top 30.

So what about everybody else?  Was ManBan still a top 10 prospect in your eyes?  Top 20 even?  Would you have expected anything from him this year if he were still around?  Talk about that or anything else here.