Tuesday Morning News And Notes: 1/20/15

We'll get back to the prospect-y goodness in a bit, but here's a quick recap of what else was going on in Yankeeland yesterday: - The top story of the day everywhere was the announcement of the Max Scherzer contract.  It's 7 years and $210 million, or actually 14 years/$210 million when you factor in the 50% deferral.  Kudos to the Nats for being shrewd enough to pull that off, although something tells me if the Yankees tried to sign Scherzer for that exact deal with the sole purpose of shrinking the AAV it wouldn't be allowed.

But whatever.  Good for Washington.  They have an absolute Murderer's Row of starting pitchers now.  The Yankees said they were out on Scherzer the whole time and they were telling the truth.  One less stud pitcher they have to worry about in the AL.

- On the topic of stud starting pitchers, the Yankees have "inquired" about Cole Hamels according to Ken Rosenthal, but are not seriously trying to acquire him.  Never hurts to check in, even if Ruben Amaro is going to ask for half your farm system in return.

- The latest World Series odds are out, and the Yankees are sitting pretty in the middle at 25/1.  The Nats are obviously the new favorites at 6/1 after inking Scherzer, good for them.  We'll see what happens when the game starts.  I don't mind playing the underdog role this season.  Everybody loves an underdog.   Here's the whole list of current odds, courtesy of Chad Jennings.