Welcome To IIATMS Prospect Week 2015

Good morning, everyone.  Or not-so-good morning if you spent the bulk of last night sadly and pathetically drinking and over-eating your sorrows to cope with the gargantuan Packer choke job, but that's neither here nor there.  The important thing is that football season is over now and baseball season is on the horizon.  As a way to get back into the baseball mindset and start to sharpen our focus on what's going to transpire over the next 8 (hopefully 9) months in Yankeeland, we thought we'd devote a week to covering, reviewing, analyzing, and ranking the Yankee farm system.  So with that, let me be the first to formally welcome you to IIATMS Prospect Week 2015. Over the next 5 days, we're going to give you our take on the Yankee system and the best and brightest it has to offer.  You got a little sneak preview of it yesterday.  We'll have player profiles, lists, discussions, and the 3-day release of our top 30 prospects list for 2014-2015.  Whether you're a serious prospect person or not, we invite you to join in the discussions in the comment sections.  You're going to get a lot from our staff this week on what players they like, what players they don't like, and why, and the prospect realm is one in baseball where multiple people can have multiple different takes on the same player and none of them are necessarily wrong.  It should be a lot of fun.

We'll get things started later this morning with a player profile on one of the up-and-coming prospects from the lower levels, and later a look back at some of the former top prospects from 2013-2014 who are no longer in the organizational picture.