Monday Night Open Thread: Your First Prospect Crush

Day 1 of Prospect Week 2015 is in the books, and I know my opinion is heavily influenced by my position here but I think it was damn good.  EJ highlighted Miguel Andujar as a breakout candidate for 2015, I caught up with the group of former prospects who won't be appearing on this year's top 30, and commented on the potential opportunity awaiting Ramon Flores and Tyler Austin this season. If you'd like to discuss those articles, other prospect-y topics, or anything else tonight, here's your open thread for that.  If you're looking for a topic of conversation, here it is: Who was your first big prospect crush?  Mine was Phil Hughes.  A bit of a cliche pick, sure, but I used to be smitten with him when he was coming up.  Big body, good fastball, great curveball, lotta strikeouts, not a lot of walks.  He was the #1 pitching prospect in the game before he broke in full time and if things would have gone according to plan, he'd be the #1 or #2 guy in the Yankee rotation right now.  I still remember his second start too, when he was pitching a no-hitter and got pulled with injury.  If that wasn't an omen of things to come, I don't know what was.