IIATMS Prospect Week 2015 Primer

By this time tomorrow, we'll already be waist-deep in IIATMS Prospect Week 2015.  If you're a diehard prospect hugger, or even just a casual prospect follower, you'll be in heaven.  If you're not, you'll have a great chance to get educated and updated on what's what in the Yankee farm system. To get people in the right prospect mindset, I wanted to go back and revisit some of the more significant prospect-related posts we've written here in the last year.  Consider this the primer for what's to come in the next week.

- Yanks Need To Stay Aggressive With Their Outfield Prospects (2/2/14) - A discussion on why the Yankees should not slow down the development of their top young outfielders because of the signing of 2 free agents last offseason.  It wasn't a great year for the group overall, but the lack of depth and injury risks in right field do put some of these players on the fringe of roster consideration in 2015.

- Shaking Things Up With Pirela Or Refsnyder (6/9/14) - These are 2 names that most Yankee fans are familiar with today, regardless of whether they're serious prospect followers.  You'll see here that the call for their insertion into the lineup goes back further than just this offseason.

- Prospect Profile: Tyler Webb (8/11/14) - There are a ton of high-upside lefty arms in the Yankee bullpen now.  This is one that hasn't drawn a lot of attention since being drafted, but has put up some very good numbers and been fast tracked up to Triple-A.

- The Prospects Most Likely To Help At The Major League Level In 2015 (11/3/14) - A quick look at a lot of the upper-level players who will, should, or could break into the show this year.  One of them won't be doing it with the Yankees if he does.

Is It Really 2B Rookie Time? Will No Humdrum Vet Displace Refsnyder’s Shot? (12/23/14) - Comparing Rob Refsnyder's performance and projections to other free agent second basemen as an argument for why he should get the job this year.