Quick Hit: Olney On The Yankee Lineup And Bullpen

Bit of a slow start to the day, so I thought I'd point out what Buster Olney is up to this week.  If you haven't been following, he's been listing his top 10 MLB team roster groups.  Started with rotations on Monday, bullpens yesterday, and today it's lineups. All the posts are Insider-only, but here's what you need to know from a Yankee perspective.  Olney had the Yanks' bullpen ranked #2 behind Kansas City, mainly on the strength of the Andrew Miller-Dellin Betances late-inning tandem but also due to the "stacked" depth of left and right-handed middle relief.  He ranked the projected Yankee lineup 10th today, which came as a bit of a surprise to me, and summed them up with this statement:

"The lack of a rock-solid, MVP-type middle-of-the-order hitter will probably prevent the Yankees from climbing among the leaders in run production, but improvement seems inevitable."

That sounds about right, as does his evaluation of the bullpen depth.  Olney's takes on both roster groups are right in line with what most intelligent writers and fans have been saying, and it's encouraging to know that he shares some of our optimism about a team-wide offensive resurgence.  He's not nearly as high on the rotation, which failed to even get a shout out in the honorable mention section, but that's also understandable.