Quick Hit: Some Good Hensley News For Your Tuesday Morning Blues

Hope everyone is just as excited for the 2015 season as I am!

A video posted by Ty Hensley (@tyhensley17) on

If the video isn't playing for anybody, what you're not seeing is an Instagram video of Ty Hensley throwing in a batting cage.  It was posted by Hensley himself over the weekend, and seeing that he's OK and already back to baseball activities is a huge visual sigh of relief.  The early reports on his attack and resulting injuries were very serious and the hospital photos were pretty bad, so to know we can go from simply wishing for him to make a full recovery back to wondering how much this will affect the start of his 2015 season is great news.

As for how these injuries will impact Hensley's season, if at all, I think we'll have to wait and see.  Missing a few weeks of an offseason throwing program doesn't seem like it should be a huge deal for a young pitcher, but this year was supposed to be his first in full-season ball.  You want him to be in the best position to succeed in that step up, so if he has to stay back in Tampa for a few extra weeks to get completely ready, no biggie.  As long as he's healthy.