We Don't Really Need To Talk About Ryan Howard, Do We?

There was a rumbling of trade musings last week after this Jerry Crasnick tweet in which he listed the teams who were not on Ryan Howard's no-trade list.  The Yankees were included in that list of teams, so naturally that sparked a run of "what if the Yankees traded for Ryan Howard?" posts around the Yankosphere.  To be honest, I don't understand why even one post of that nature needed to be written.  Ryan Howard is not coming to the Yankees.  Period. Mark Teixeira may have been bad last year, but he was still better than Howard.  He had a .711 OPS to Howard's .690, he hit 1 fewer HR than Howard in 30 fewer games, and he significantly bested Howard in bWAR and fWAR thanks to the fact that he can still actually play first base.  He's younger than Howard by 4-5 months, he's owed less money over the same period of time ($46.25 mil for the next 2 years compared to $60), and he's a better 2-way player than Howard with a better chance to improve his production in 2015 if his wrist is stronger.

The only way this trade makes any sense for the Yankees is if Teix isn't in the picture, and the only way he wouldn't be in the picture would be if he was the one being traded to Philly in return for Howard.  The Yankees would never do that for all the reasons mentioned above, so end of story.  If we want to talk about adding players that the Yankees aren't going to add, let's keep it to Max Scherzer.  At least he makes some sense.