Yankees Sign Stephen Drew to 1-Year Deal

The Yankees have signed Stephen Drew to a 1-year deal: https://twitter.com/JonHeymanCBS/status/552655360788815872

We can relegate the Refsnyder/Pirela spring training competition to Bubba Crosby territory.

Some quick thoughts:

  • This should make Brendan Ryan expendable. Drew gives the Yankees a second MLB-caliber shortstop on the roster. If Gregorius gets hurt, Drew plays. Jose Pirela is potentially much more useful as a bench player than Ryan.
  • I think Drew gets a pass for 2014, for reasons we should all be familiar with. He was a pretty good player in 2013. If he can play a solid 2nd base, I think he's a 1.5+ win player. If he fails to hit well, Refsnyder can take his place while Drew becomes a bench player.
  • There is going to be a lot of yelling about how the Yankees didn't give Refsnyder a chance. That's crap. This is a 1-year deal, and Refsnyder has only 77 games of Triple-A experience. He isn't going to be hurt waiting in the minors. If he hits well enough, he'll force his way onto the roster.