Cash Dishes On Scherzer And Headley

Brian Cashman made an appearance on NBC's "Sports Final" late last night.  He talked to Bruce Beck about a variety of Yankee player and hot stove topics, most notably where the team stands with respect to free agents Max Scherzer and Chase Headley.  Quotes here are courtesy of Brendan Kuty, who was live tweeting the interview. On Scherzer, Cash reiterated the point of the Yankees not being in on him, saying "I don't think Yankee fans will be looking at Max Scherzer" next season.  Scherzer is reportedly seeking at least $200 mil and that's a number that, according to Cash, is a "higher level than we'd like to play in right now."

On Headley, Cash was much more optimistic.  In fact, this was probably the most substantial thing said regarding the Yankees' pursuit of Headley this offseason:

That's quite the declaration, especially from the man representing the team that's done everything it can to downplay its involvement with Headley so far.  For Cash to come out and say that now, the team must like where it stands with Headley.  He's the position player who makes the most sense for them at this point and he would solve the problem of having to play A-Rod at third.  Adding Headley allows the Yankees to move Prado to second and start Refsnyder in Triple-A, where he can spend a little more time working on his defense.  If he's coming on a reasonable 4-year deal, I can live with that.