Winter Meetings Day 4 Recap: 12/11/14

winter_meetings_2014_hkouzqh3 It was another busy day on the Winter Meetings scene.  It was a busy week in general.  Every day and every night there were big moves.  Lotta teams doing a lot of interesting things.  Hopefully the Yankees can do a few more of their own in the weeks and months to come.  Here's the recap of the final day of Winter Meetings 2014:

- The Yankees neither took nor lost a player in today's Rule 5 draft.  This means I can hold onto my irrational hope of Mark Montgomery becoming the next D-Rob for one more year.

- The big theme of the day was the Yankees calling about guys who had been traded.  They called about Dee Gordon, they called about Jimmy Rollins, the called about Wade Miley, they called about Rick Porcello, and they even "kicked the tires" on Ervin Santana before he inked a 4-year deal with the Twinkies.  They didn't add any of those guys, or anybody else of value for that matter.  But they called.  Called and kicked.

- One player they apparently did not call about was Brandon McCarthy.  Via Bryan Hoch, Cash said the Yankees never made an offer to McCarthy because he "figured the market would take him [McCarthy] at a level that we couldn't play on."  I was unaware there were levels the Yankees couldn't play on.  Levels, whole new lifestyle.

- The Yanks continue to deny any involvement in the Max Scherzer proceedings.  They said the same thing about Lester and that was true, so...

- Nothing new on Chase Headley either.  He did not make a decision by any of the previously reported deadlines, but I guess I'd say the Yankees are the leading contender for him right now.  Maybe?

- Not that it really matters with the small move they did make today.  Nick Noonan was brought on board and I'm pretty sure World Series tickets went on sale immediately after.  There might not be room for Headley with such a deep MiL deal infield crop.  The next Yangervis is in there somewhere.  I'm sure of it.