Your Evening Winter Meetings Update

Hello, it's the night owl Stacey with your "late" updates from the Winter Meetings. Here are some quotes/blurbs from Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi who met with the press in San Diego earlier. My reactions are in the brackets.

  • Girardi said that he's happy Francisco Cervelli will get a chance to play with the Pirates and thinks he should be an everyday regular. [I will miss the fist pumps.]
  • Cashman told reporters: "I’m not in a position right now to declare or determine if our closer currently exists on our roster.'' [Hmmm, okay.]
  • Cashman also said that signing David Robertson after landing Andrew Miller was not a thought. He added that the Yankees the valued compensation draft pick over another big bullpen spend. [Now use the money you saved for someone good, Cash! Preferably someone who can pitch well or hit well. Thanks.]
  • Cashman said he hasn't spoken with Hiroki Kuroda's agent recently and doesn't know if he'll return yet. [Oh, #HIROK, I will miss you if you don't come back.]
  • Girardi said he's expecting Masahiro Tanaka to make his 32 starts in 2014. [From your lips to whoever's ears.]
  • Cashman hasn't been in contact with Alex Rodriguez lately but Girardi said he watched a video of Alex working out and that he looked good. [I want to know who was operating the camera. I need to see this video.]
  • Girardi also said Alex hasn't started working out at first base and will probably start (working out over there) in Spring Training. [Sure.]
  • Cashman said that the Yankees tried for Jeff Samardzija but couldn't find a deal with the A's. [Right, the A's are trading everyone else away for scraps but can't work out a deal with the Yankees? Pfffft.]
  • Cashman said he kept door open to signing David Robertson to help him drive up his asking price. [Interesting. Is that ethical?]
  • Cashman also said that the Yankees have not hired an assistant hitting coach so those reports about Marcus Thames are false. They want to finish up the free agency period, get the team together and then start looking for people to replace Kevin Long and Mick Kelleher. [Whoops! Who made up that report in the first place? Maybe it will happen and the Yankees don't want to announce anything until all of their ducks are in a row. Yes, I just typed that.]

That's it for now.

Big thanks to the beat writers (specifically Bryan Hoch, Brendan Kuty and Pete Caldera) who are enjoying the lovely weather in San Diego for providing the quotes/blurbs above.

I will be on night duty again tonight because I have a very strange sleeping pattern this week so if anything else breaks from the west coast, look for the updates here.