Acquisition Mode Engaged

Truth be told, I was 50-50 at best on whether the Yankees would actually sign Andrew Miller yesterday.  The fearless prediction was not one based on overwhelming confidence or an inside source.  Just good old-fashioned gut instinct.  When the Didi Gregorius trade came out, I thought there was even less of a chance of the Miller signing happening, and I somewhat gave up on the idea. Silly me, I got smokescreened again.  While the Yankosphere and the rest of baseball was still processing the Gregorius deal, the Yankees swooped in and snapped up Miller, and they did it with an offer that wasn't even the biggest one he got.  Cash got on a conference call yesterday afternoon to talk about the moves.  It's always cool, even after the fact, to get a look inside the mind of a GM when he talks about how a trade or deal came together, but hands down the best part of the call yesterday was Cash's declaration that he was in "acquisition mode" and had more work to do to improve this team.

Yesterday was a big signal that the Yankees are finally ready to execute their offseason plan.  It may have also been a signal that the first part of that plan was "evaluation mode."  The Yankees didn't get out and set the pace by signing guys early despite having a ton of roster holes.  They took their time, weighed the market, tested the trade waters, saw who was doing what, and figured out what made the most sense for them.  Now that a bunch of big chips have fallen, the plan was finalized and put into motion.  Yesterday was phase I of the plan and there should be more to follow very soon.  In a pro wrestling sense, yesterday was the lights going out in the arena, Cash walking out on stage with a big Bray Wyatt beard and a lantern, whispering "We're here!", and blowing the lantern out in the rest of MLB's faces.

And the timing couldn't be better.  With the Winter Meetings only days away, the Yankees have let it be known that they're going to be active, and that always gets the pot stirring a little faster.  Now that we've entered acquisition mode, I expect more moves to come very quickly and that's what I want.  Give me D-Rob, give me McCarthy, get involved in the Lester and Scherzer situations just to make teams sweat, and if Cash can swing a trade for a decent third baseman, I'd be positively giddy.  After months of loudly wondering what the hell they were doing, I'm finally excited about this offseason.  Don't touch that stove, kids!!  It's boiling hot.

P.S.- If the Yankees actually do re-sign D-Rob today and render my fearless prediction 100% correct, I'm going to be a little more difficult to deal with around here.  I mean, It's not every day that a guy without a Twitter account is the first one breaking news over the Olneys and Rosenthals of the world.