Will It Be Miller Time Today? (UPDATED)

That's the tweet that got the hot stove day in Yankeeland started yesterday, and it sent the David Robertson-Andrew Miller story into overdrive.  It now appears, at least as far as what's being reported, that the Yankees are the leaders of the 4-year race to get Miller and that D-Rob is no longer their top priority.  Of course as we all know, the Yankee front office smoke machine is usually on full blast this time of year, so this could all mean nothing.

Taking Sherman at his reporting word, I'm going to assume it doesn't mean nothing.  Miller has been a hot commodity for a while, he's become one of the best players left on the market with all the early signings, and he has offers on the table.  The question now becomes will Miller actually sign today?  If the race is really down to the Yankees and Astros, there's no way the Yanks should lose that.  We could very well be going home from work today to breaking news that Andrew Miller has signed with the Yankees.

As much as that would be a bummer to Scott and many others in the IIATMS world, I don't think it necessarily spells the end of D-Rob in New York.  I've been a proponent of the "sign them both" idea since the start of the offseason and I truly think that's what the plan would be if it included signing Miller.  There's no way the Yankee baseball people are stupid enough to give him 4 years and not give their own better pitcher 4 years.  They might be stupid, but they're not that stupid.

So here's my fearless prediction for the day.  Not only that the Yankees will Miller today.  But that after they do, they'll be announcing a new deal for D-Rob on Saturday.  They've been going hard after Miller publicly so they could work out a better deal with D-Rob behind the scenes.  Smokescreen City and a monster bullpen for the next 4 years.  If Miller's coming, they're both coming.

** UPDATE 8:30 AM- Sherman came out this morning and reiterated what he said yesterday:

So here we go.  The deadline has been set, the countdown is on...

** UPDATE 4:46 PM- I'm a little late here, but yes.  Yes it is Miller Time. **