Matthews: Yanks Cooling On Signing Headley

According to Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York, the Yankees are cooling on the idea of signing Chase Headley. The reason? The five-year deal he's reportedly seeking.

According to a baseball source I spoke with Tuesday, the Yankees are not willing to give Headley five years, considering his age (31 in May), so-so offensive production the past two seasons, and lingering lower back problems, which could lead to surgery at some point over the length of a five-year contract.

So are the Yankees finally learning their lesson by not signing "older" players to "long" contracts or are they just trying to get Headley to accept a smaller deal?

One possibility Matthews also touches upon in his article is that if the Yanks don't sign Headley they could try Martin Prado over at third base, which would give Rob Refsnyder the chance to win the second base job. Of course, that could be a long shot because Refsnyder has only played a half season at Triple A.

And even if this all happens: Headley doesn't sign, Prado plays third and Refsnyder somehow wins the second base job, that still leaves the Yankees without a shortstop. But it's only December 2 and a lot can happen between now and the start of the season. Thank goodness.