Shawn Kelley Discusses The D-Rob Situation

Cool little story by Bryan Hoch over at Bombers Beat yesterday.  He got to talk to Shawn Kelley and asked him for his thoughts on David Robertson's contract situation.  Kelley tossed out the typical "gotta do what's best for you" line that anchors any venture into free agency, but did offer up a preceding statement that should be encouraging to everybody in favor of the Yanks retaining D-Rob: “I know he loves New York, I know he’s close with Mariano (Rivera) and wants to kind of follow in Mariano’s footsteps.  I’m sure there’s a big part of him that probably wants to stay in New York, but he’s got to do what’s best and see what’s out there."

I get wanting to see what's out there.  Every free agent should look to get himself the biggest deal possible.  That's the beauty of free agency in an uncapped sport.  But there's a lot to be said for playing in New York and loving playing in New York, and the personal connection D-Rob has to the Yankees and Mo is something that no other team is going to be able to replicate.  That gives the Yankees a clear and decisive advantage in working out a new deal, and we already know they have the biggest monetary advantage.  Unless another team goes crazy and offers a 5 or 6-year deal, there's no reason for the Yankees to lose out on D-Rob this offseason.  If they really want him back, he'll be back.  Shawn Kelley all but confirmed it.