Notes From Cash's Night On The Streets

B27-S8ZIYAERfwj Brian Cashman spent his night on the street to help raise awareness for homeless youth in New York City last night, and that provided a convenient opportunity for Brendan Kuty to talk to him and get some updates on where the Yankees stand this offseason.  He had a lot to touch on.

- Cash called the decisions to protect the 4 players (Austin, Williams, Burawa, Pinder) from the Rule 5 Draft "layups."  Let's not get carried away, Cash.  It's not like that's 4 of your best 10, or even best 20.

-Cash said he still does not know what Hiroki Kuroda plans to do but that he expects Kuroda to play somewhere next year.

- The pursuit of Brandon McCarthy was again confirmed, and Cash said that signing him "wouldn't preclude" the Yankees from going after another starter.  Duh.

- On the hitting coach front, the Yankees will be interviewing some new candidate next week but Cash would not reveal the name.  Guess they learned that naming all the guys they were interviewing publicly wasn't the way to go.

Not really a whole lot there.  I guess it's good to know that the team is getting back to interviewing hitting coach candidates.  I'd like that to get resolved simply so we don't have to talk about it anymore.  But an update or at least a question about the latest on the D-Rob situation would have been appreciated.  The lack of any reported movement on contract talks there is concerning.