Report: Trade Talks On Andrus And Ramirez Not Going Anywhere

Everybody and their mother knows that the Yankees are putting max effort into finding a new shortstop this offseason.  The 2 most talked about trade targets for the position have been Elvis Andrus and Alexei Ramirez, and the Yankees have been linked to both players in recent weeks.  Per the latest information from George King, those links don't appear to be leading anywhere: "Yet, according to a person with knowledge of the White Sox’s plans, they don’t believe a deal with the Yankees for the 33-year-old Ramirez is any further along than it was at July’s trading deadline, when the Yankees acquired Stephen Drew from the Red Sox...

As for the 26-year-old Andrus, who starts the first season of an eight-year deal worth $118 million this coming April, the Rangers will listen but aren’t in a rush to deal him...

And because they need pitching and catching — perhaps outfield help if they can move Shin-Soo Choo– there is a problem matching with the Yankees."

Now THIS is a good rumor.  Actual reporting, status updates, new information, thoughtful analysis.  It's all right there and it's just as easy to digest as a fake one.

Now onto the matter at hand, the apparent stalling of the shortstop trade pursuit.  That route seems to be the more potentially fruitful one, with guys like Ramirez, Starlin Castro, and Troy Tulowitzki being better options in their own ways than probably all the free agent candidates.  I'm not big on Andrus personally, and I don't understand why the Yankees would be.  If the Rangers aren't really trying to sell right now and the teams don't match up, it's not worth the time spent pursuing it.  Wait until they are and then see if they're interested in working together.

On Ramirez, it's a little surprising to see that no progress has been made there.  He's a good fit on multiple levels.  Plus defender, has enough offensive tools to be useful, good speed, and as a 1-year/$10 million commitment, he's cheap from a Yankee perspective.  The White Sox have been pretty good on trades lately, so I doubt their asking price for Ramirez is low.  If this is the Yanks simply not wanting to get too involved with a high asking price, then that's fine.  But I would hope that no advancement in talks has not been due to lack of effort on their part.