Is Something Up With Cash?

Does Cash seem a little different to anybody lately?  Is everything OK with him?  I ask because it seems like he's been a little... off, so to say.  And I'm not even talking about doing the "sleeping in the street" thing he's participating in later this week to raise awareness for homeless children, even if raising money for them would be infinitely more helpful than awareness and the Yankees more than likely have a few bucks laying around somewhere.  I'm talking about the other stuff.  I can't be sure, and if this is another classic Cashman smokescreen then it's the greatest one of all time, but I can't shake the feeling that he's going full Costanza on us here and doing the opposite. Think about it.  The Yankees have a stuffy outdated silly strict "no facial hair below the lip" policy; Cash shows up at the GM meetings last week rocking a goatee.  Instead of saying the usual, and in this case very applicable, company line of "we're always looking to improve our team and upgrade where we can" at the GM meetings, he comes right out and declares that shortstop is the top priority.  He basically told Scott Boras "Hey, guy. Try to tack on more years and more money to any offer we make to Stephen Drew this offseason, because we're desperate to fill that spot and we'll make you a better offer than any other team."  He could have kept his mouth shut and let the market dictate Drew's value before getting involved, but he decided to do the exact opposite.

Said the team wanted to hire a new hitting coach quickly, hasn't happened.  Opposite.  Has said the Yankees want to bring D-Rob back before, yet hasn't started any new contract talks.  Opposite.  Many signs point to Carlos Beltran being on the permanent decline and not being capable of playing right field every day anymore, but Cash said he expects him to bounce back next year.  Opposite.

The signs are all there and I have to admit they're a little troubling.  I won't be convinced anything is really going on until there's a report of him getting caught sleeping under his desk or dragging previous World Series trophies around the executive parking lot in his car.  But if Cash has decided to convert to Costanza Oppositism, maybe that's the shot in the arm this organization needs.  Doing things the way they've always done them hasn't worked a lick in the last few years.  If all the Yankees' natural instincts are wrong, maybe Cash doing the opposite is right.