Wednesday Morning News and Notes: 11/12/14

So last night, I was sitting in bed, looking at my laptop and I saw someone retweet a Daily News tweet that said, "Here's a sneak peak of tomorrow's cover." There wasn't a preview of the picture so I said to myself, "It probably has to do with A-Rod." Welp.

I mean, it's not directly about A-Rod, because he's not on the cover, but, I mean, ugh. And how original is Clueless Joe!?


By the way, here's some of what Joe said about Alex: “My job is to get him ready to play baseball and to make sure he’s in that right frame of mind. I’ll watch him carefully, and we’ll talk. We have open lines of communication, and like I said, I’ll see where he’s at. I won’t make it public, but I’ll see where he’s at.”

Isn't it terrible? A major league manager is excited about one of his longest tenured players returning. Jeez, what a clueless moron, am I right?

Oh, right, he's clueless because after he spoke about A-Rod, G.M. Brian Cashman also spoke about Alex and said that he (Alex) would have to win his job in Spring Training.

As usual, the Daily News is trying to make news when there really isn't any. Shouldn't they be panicking about Ebola even though it's been pretty much eradicated from the U.S. or maybe they can cover anything else but this? Hey, at least they haven't compared Alex Rodriguez to a murderer in a while...

Anyway, in other news, Girardi came in sixth in the Manager of the Year voting. Former Yankee skipper and current Orioles manager Buck Showalter won the award. Congrats to you, sourpuss.

Chris Young, if he does well in 2015, can earn as much as $6.325M in salary thanks to performance incentives. Nice work if you can get it.

Some more links for you from around baseball:

And here's some music (one of my favorite songs of all time):

Happy Wednesday morning, everyone!