11 Facts About #11 - Yankees Style

Courtesy of insanityjerseys.com (I do realize that this post would have been more appropriate if today was 11/11/11 but I wasn't writing for this site at the time. Oh well.)

Here are 11 facts about #11:

  • Herb Pennock was the first to wear #11 in 1929.
  • Lefty Gomez was the first player to wear it for multiple years and the longest tenured #11: 1932-1942.
  • From 2000-2008 nine players/coaches wore #11: Chuck Knoblauch, Chris Widger, David Dellucci, Curtis Pride, Erick Almonte, Gary Sheffield, Doug Mientkiewicz, Mitch Seone (coach), and Morgan Ensberg.
  • Brett Gardner is the longest tenure #11 since Chuck Knoblauch who wore it from 1998-2002ish.
  • Buck Showlater wore it when he was a coach and manager.
  • Sheffield, Gomez, Joe Page and Johnny Sain are the only 11's to be All-Stars.
  • Seone, Showalter, Jeff Torborg and Gene Michael are the coaches/managers who wore #11.
  • Sandy Alomar and Fred Stanley shared the number during the 1974 season then Stanley wore it from 1975-1980.
  • The only player to repeat as 11 in the 1980s was Don Slaught from 1988-89. The only coach to repeat as 11 in the 1980s was Gene Michael from 1981-82. The other guys who wore it in that decade were Stanley (1980), Torborg (1983), Toby Harrah (1984), Billy Sample (1985), Gary Roenicke (1986), and Lenn Sakata (1987).
  • If you put the guys who have worn #11 in order alphabetically, Bernie Allen would be first and Widger would be last. (Some of them would also be dead because some of these guys wore 11 way back in the 30's, 40's and 50's)
  • Stanley wore it the year I was born, Showalter wore it the year I graduated high school, Sheffield wore it the year I turned 30 and Gardner wore it this year when I turned 40. I wonder who will be wearing it for my 50th birthday. Any guesses? I'm betting it will be the offspring of someone I grew up watching which will make me feel really old.

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. I also hope that there were at least a few times where you said to yourself, 'Oh yeah! I remember that guy!' or 'Holy crap, I forgot he was even on the Yankees!'

[Info courtesy of YankeeNumbers.com]