Hey Look! An A-Rod Story That Actually Matters!

Feinsand keeps playing chess while everybody else is playing "I hate A-Rod" checkers.  He filed a report late last night that was chock full of useful, timely, relevant information on Alex Rodriguez.  Stuff like updates on what he's been doing lately to prepare for next season: "A source close to Rodriguez told The News Wednesday that the former AL MVP has been working out 'like a fiend,' hitting several days a week at the University of Miami among other places."

What he's been doing for months to stay in shape and get ready for his return:

"Rodriguez has been hitting, taking grounders and going through an all-around conditioning program for months, the source said, doing everything within his power to be ready for spring training."

And a direct quote from one of his teammates on how he feels about A-Rod rejoining the team and the locker room next year:

“Guys in the clubhouse, we’re there for one reason; we’re trying to play baseball and trying to do the best we can as a team, make it into October and win a World Series,” Gardner said. “If he is a guy who is going to help us do that, we obviously welcome him. I know that things will be a little different with the fans, especially at the start, but hopefully as the season goes on it will be business as usual.”

Not only that, but Feinsand managed to report all that information without using words like "tarnished", "tainted", or "disgraced" when describing A-Rod or mentioning the ongoing PED stories and how they would affect his return.  It's almost as if Feinsand didn't go out of his way to pile on and further besmirch A-Rod's already tattered reputation.  He asked questions, got answers, reported the facts he had found, and that was it.  Like a real journalist.  How about that?

In fairness, I could do without the working out "like a fiend" quote.  We already know that the "best shape of his life" rhetoric or anything resembling it is meaningless.  But I'll gladly take that if it comes attached to meaningful updates on A-Rod the baseball player rather than more takedown reaction posts about A-Rod the lying, cheating, meany-pants.