Quick Hit: Brandon McCarthy, Twitter Savant

Earlier today, grit extraordinaire Ryan Theriot had some not-so-smart words for Dodgers fans that were excited about the hiring of Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi:

Aaron Gleeman pointed out the foolishness of this statement less than an hour later, as countless successful GMs have "never played the game." This includes the Yankees own Brian Cashman, for example - a man that has been kind of successful. Several people have come forward with several additional responses, as is the norm for Twitter. And, of course, it didn't take too long for most to realize that Theriot was speaking out of his backside.

The best reaction to this silliness, however, came from Brandon McCarthy:

This made me happier than most bits of whimsy that I come across on Twitter, and that is the norm for McCarthy's timeline. And it's always nice to see someone that "played the game" call someone out for uninformed bullplop of this nature. Let's get this man back in pinstripes, shall we?