Yankees Undecided On Giving Hirok A Qualifying Offer

Late last week we found out that the Yankees will extend a qualifying offer to David Robertson and that report came as no surprise.  There was no follow-up story over the weekend confirming that the offer had been made, but with today being the deadline for teams to make those offers, it's practically a certainty that we'll get that report sometime later in the day. Another report we haven't gotten yet is one on the decision to make Hiroki Kuroda a qualifying offer.  Jon Heyman reported yesterday that giving a QO to Hirok was something the team was not "especially likely" to do, and they seem to share many of the same concerns had by the "no-QO" camp of fans.  Hirok has yet to state whether he intends to play next year or not, which has surely added to the indecision on the Yankees' part.  At age 40, him getting hit with the QO tag would all but ensure that the only MLB team he could play with next year would be the Yankees.

They don't have much longer to weigh the decision, nor do they have much longer to officially extend the QO to D-Rob.  By the end of the day, we'll know how seriously Hirok factors into next year's plans.  My guess is they don't make him the offer.