Quick Hit: The Important Offseason Date Coming Up This Weekend

In my haste to get to the qualifying offer/5-day exclusive window free agent deadlines early next week, I skipped past another key date before then that has some meaning to the Yankees.  The deadline for teams to pick up or decline their options on players is this Saturday and there is one option for the Yanks to consider.  That option is for Andrew Bailey, the rehabbing reliever New York signed before this past season. The move to sign Bailey was made with 2015 in mind, and the Yankees have a $2 million option on him that they have to decide on by Saturday.  Bailey did not pitch in any games in 2014 at any level while rehabbing from a torn shoulder capsule.  The last time I heard about his progress was in early August and reports said he had experienced multiple setbacks during his throwing program.

With that in mind, I have to think the Yanks will decline Bailey's option and free up that couple of mil to use elsewhere.  It'd be one thing if his rehab had gone well and he was going to be able to contribute at some point next year.  Because it hasn't and because there isn't any new info on the status of his shoulder, the only assumption to make is that Bailey won't be able to pitch.  If that's the case, the Yankees shouldn't be paying him, not when they have a bevy of young arms ready to step in soak up middle relief innings and more money to spend on better, healthy Major Leaguers.

It was a good idea to try to steal some value on a buy-low deal, but shoulder capsule injuries are major and it doesn't seem like Bailey has responded well to his surgery and rehab.  By the time Saturday ends, I expect his option to be declined and his Yankee career to be over before it even began.