Aaron Judge Named To AZFL's "Fall Star Game"; Greg Bird Not

Arizona Fall League update.  They announced the rosters for this upcoming weekend's Fall Star Game (get it?) and the Yankee representative is going to be Aaron Judge.  Judge gets the nod over fellow Yankee farmhand Greg Bird despite Bird leading the league in games played, at-bats, hits, runs, doubles, home runs, RBI, and total bases, and he's getting the nod because this game is designed to showcase top prospects rather than reward good performance. Whatever.  I get that.  The AZFL is more of a showcase than anything else, so it makes sense to highlight the bigger prospects to get more people familiar with them now in case they turn into big All Stars at the Major League level later.  I actually love this for both guys.  Judge gets to go out and be the big freakshow athlete with the monster power potential that he is, and if he hits a monster home run in the game it will be the first thing people remember when they're talking about the game online the next day.  Bird gets to stay out of the spotlight and keep on hitting the crap out of the ball, which is exactly what he's done since he was drafted.

Fun fact, Greg Bird is 6 months younger than Aaron Judge.  He's done nothing but rake since 2012 and he isn't a big commodity on the league-wide prospect scene because he doesn't catch anymore.  His name on Baseball Reference is still listed as "Gregory Bird" and that's why his name doesn't get linked to when I write posts about him.  He's not flashy at all, not like Judge.  But he may be just as good a prospect right now and just as valuable down the road, and that's why it doesn't matter that he isn't playing in the Fall Star Game this weekend with Judge.  Let Judge be the face of the farm system right now.  Bird can be the next undervalued guy that comes up and surprises people.