Monday Morning Food For Though: So About That New Hitting Coach...

This time last week, the new hitting coach was the hottest topic on the Yankee news wire.  They had a rapidly growing list of candidates, confirmed interviews with Dave Magadan and Chili Davis, and there was a rumor that they'd be making an announcement on the position being filled before the start of the World Series. A week later, and all we've got is crickets.  No new candidates have been announced, Magadan elected to stay with his current team, Davis was signed by the rival Red Sox, old hitting coach Kevin Long was signed to the same position by the Mets, and the World Series is 5 games old and heading back to KC to possibly be closed out tomorrow night.

What happened?  What's going on?  Why the complete 180?  Have those other previously mentioned candidates been interviewed?  Are there new candidates?  Are there more interviews scheduled?  Was Magadan or Davis the runaway favorite and there wasn't a solid backup plan?  How has this gone from something the beat guys were reporting on hourly a week ago to completely dark since the minute Davis and Magadan made their decisions?

There are more questions than answers in regards to the hitting coach situation right now.  Whiile that isn't necessarily a bad thing, I don't know if I'd say it's good.  The Yankees were moving quickly to fill the position and all signs pointed to that happening last week.  When a week passes with no progress and no new information, that's reason to start asking questions and wondering what's going on behind the scenes.  Hopefully it's the Yankees playing things close to the vest and eventually naming a surprise hire for the job.  That's what happened with Larry Rothschild a few years ago and that's worked out pretty well.

Whatever it is, it would be nice to get some information on the situation soon.  With the way they've collectively bungled things the last few years, the lack of updates makes me worry that the front office is making it up as they go along and never really had a solid plan to replace Long in the first place.