Quick Hit: MLBTR's Arbitration Projections Are Out

MLB Trade Rumors posted their "Offseason Outlook" post for the Yankees yesterday.  If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it.  It's basically everything that every Yankee blog is going to talk about for the entirety of the offseason condensed into 1 long post.  As part of the outlook, they included the list of arbitration-eligible players and their projected salaries.  Let's take a look. - Shawn Kelley- $2.5 million - Francisco Cervelli- $1.1 million - Esmil Rogers- $1.9 million - Ivan Nova- $3.3 million - Michael Pineda- $2.1 million - David Huff- $700k - David Phelps- $1.3 million

Kelley is slated for a nice pay boost in his final year of eligibility.  Once again he pitched better than his ERA indicates in 2014, and as a high strikeout guy with late-inning experience he's a good deal at $2.5 mil.  Nova and Pineda's injuries are almost blessings in disguise for the Yankees when it comes to money.  Nova is projected for the same $3.3 million he made this year in his second year of eligibility while Pineda will cost the team only a couple million in his first year.  Had those 2 been able to stay healthy over the last 2-3 seasons, their price tags would be much higher.

You certainly don't mind having Cervelli or Phelps on your team for a million bucks, but I can't see Cash entertaining the idea of bringing Rogers or Huff back at those projected prices.  You wouldn't pay Esmil Rogers 2 mil to be Esmil Rogers when you have a ton of cheap right-handed arms in your system, and paying Huff anything more than league minimum is a mistake.

MLBTR is usually spot on with their projections, so you can put faith in these numbers.  The Yanks will most likely pad a few on the higher side, but assuming they bring back the 5 I mentioned and let the other 2 walk, that's about $10.5 million for 5 more players on top of the contracts they already have on the books.