Random baseball thoughts on a Friday

It has been a while since I've written one of these posts but if you're a longtime reader, you know the drill and if you're new to the blog, welcome and enjoy the journey into my brain: the thoughts are random and can be silly. And away we go:

  • I missed Travis Ishikawa's walk off last night because I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face before bed, though I did say to my brother that the Giants would walk off in that ninth inning.
  • And how about that walk off? Remember Ishikawa's time with the Yankees? Probably not because it only lasted two at bats in a game against the Royals in 2013.
  • Mike Matheny really screwed up a lot during this NLCS: he made very questionable decisions and poor Michael Wacha didn't deserve to be in the position he was in last night.
  • The Giants are unbelievable.
  • I'm also getting sick of seeing them in the World Series every other year.
  • I guess this is how people felt about the Yankees in the mid-late 90s and early 2000s.
  • Some dude who writes about baseball thinks they're boring. Yeah, okay, sir.
  • And let's talk about the other LCS.
  • The Royals? Seriously? It's like they flipped a switch or something. And while it has been very fun to watch, I hope the long layoff between the LCS and WS doesn't screw them up too much.
  • And what's with MLB? Why can't that schedule be flexible? Why must the World Series start on Tuesday if both teams are finished? (I actually know there are reasons for this but it doesn't mean I have to like them.)
  • Why is there a bug flying around my den while I'm trying to write this piece?
  • Back to the ALCS: I know it's been a while since the Royals have done anything - I was in 6th grade the last time they won the World Series - but can people please calm down with some of the things they're writing about that team? They're being placed too high on a pedestal and the crash could be spectacular.
  • Plus, if there wasn't a Wild Card game, we wouldn't even be talking about them right now.
  • So let's not act like they're the best team in baseball and that they have been all season.
  • Like I said earlier, they flipped a switch and they've benefited from a bit of luck and sloppiness by the Orioles.
  • But good for them. I won't completely poo poo their appearance in the World Series because it's great for the long-suffering Royals fans who had to sit through their ownership's refusal to spend money for years.
  • Watching the games this week made me miss going to playoff games.
  • I went to a lot of them between 1997-2010.
  • Some were really great and some were not-so-great.
  • Oh can we talk about playoff towels? And talk about the fact that the PA guys/gals in nearly every Stadium hosting an LCS game had to tell the crowds to get pumped up because they were coming back from commercial. How lame. Baseball crowds are usually savvy enough to know what to do while watching a game.
  • Even the "Make Some Noise!" graphics at Yankee Stadium annoy me. I know when to yell, scream, jump up and down, and clap. Thanks.
  • Apparently there was a Cubs fan at the Cardinals/Giants game last night who was there to root against the Cardinals.
  • Aren't Cubs fans the best?
  • While the Giants were celebrating on the field, Matheny stayed in the dugout and waited until he caught Bruce Bochy's eye then tipped his cap. That's pretty cool.
  • Four days without baseball? COME ON MLB.
  • Oh, did you hear that David Ortiz will be providing some analysis and commentary during the World Series? I hope they have the censor button ready because you never know when Ortiz will say "sh*t" or *f*ck."
  • How charming.

My prediction for the World Series: Giants in 6 because of that even year magic they seem to conjure up.

What will really happen because I'm awful at predicting things: Royals in 5.