Open Thread: Royals vs. O's Game 4

Greetings, everyone! I thought that if you were watching Game 4 of the 2014 ALCS, you'd want a place to discuss the events and well, here we are. It's your open/game thread for the day.

This has been some series for the Royals. They have that 2007 Rockies thing happening which could be a good thing with regards to LCS but a bad thing if there's a long layoff between the LCS and WS. They have a chance of sweeping the O's out of town with a win this afternoon/evening and after 29 years, the fans in KC are pumped up.

I'll admit I've been watching the games with an eye on the TV and my better eye on my computer so I am only paying half attention BUT I will watch today's game intently because it could be a clincher.

And if you've been away from your computers, well, you've missed the whole hullabaloo surrounding Jeremy Guthrie's t-shirt last night. It said, "These O's Ain't Royal" which is a play on a lyric from a Chris Brown song, "These hoes ain't loyal." Needless to say, some people weren't happy about the shirt. Guthrie apologized during a press conference (yes, there was a press conference about a t-shirt) and I believe he claimed that he had no idea about the lyric. Dude, I don't even know that song but I still guessed what it really meant, come on now.

Anyway, it seems t-shirtgate is overtaking what could be a momentous night for the Royals if they do in fact wrap the series with a win.

So just forget the t-shirts and play ball, damn it!

Here are your lineups (courtesy of Baseball Press):

1. Nick Markakis (L) RF
2. Steve Pearce (R) 1B
3. Adam Jones (R) CF
4. Nelson Cruz (R) LF
5. Delmon Young (R) DH
6. J.J. Hardy (R) SS
7. Caleb Joseph (R) C
8. Ryan Flaherty (L) 3B
9. Jonathan Schoop (R) 2B
1. Alcides Escobar (R) SS
2. Nori Aoki (L) RF
3. Lorenzo Cain (R) CF
4. Eric Hosmer (L) 1B
5. Billy Butler (R) DH
6. Alex Gordon (L) LF
7. Salvador Perez (R) C
8. Omar Infante (R) 2B
9. Mike Moustakas (L) 3B

Enjoy the game which is on TBS at 4pm!