Report: A-Rod Could See Time At First Base Next Season

I know I've been beating the point about the Yankees needing a backup plan for Teix at first base into the ground, but this isn't exactly what I had in mind. Via Andrew Marchand, the Yanks may look to Alex Rodriguez as one of those backup plans.  Brian Cashman confirmed to Marchand that Joe has already talked to A-Rod about learning to play the position in preparation for his return from this year's suspension.  According to Cash, this move is primarily driven by the team's belief that A-Rod won't be able to stay healthy playing third base.

"I don't think it's safe to assume that he can play third base.  With his age and missing a full year, you have to have some perspective. This is a very difficult game. Alex is up for that challenge, but I think it's safer to assume that might not be something that he can handle the whole year."

With A-Rod, Teix, Carlos Beltran, and Brian McCann, the Yankees have 4 guys who are going to need semi-regular time at DH next year.  They can't all play there every day, so the more Joe is able to mix and match them in the field, the easier it will be to rotate guys through the DH spot as needed.  It's basically the exact opposite of how good teams are building their rosters now.  Good teams build flexible rosters with more younger and cheaper players who can play multiple positions.  The Yankees are going to try to force a flexible roster by rotating a handful of old, expensive players through the DH spot and positions they've never played before.