Quick Hit: Teix Gets Back On That Grind

I should hate everything about this story by Dan Barbarisi on Mark Teixeira's early offseason workout plan, but I don't:

"Now, a week since the Yankees’ season ended, Teixeira is back at work. Normally he would take close to a month off and shut his body down to recover from the season. But at age 34, he no longer has that luxury; coming off the worst season of his career, he has to make things right again.

'I’m doing light workouts right now, and when I start hitting the weights heavy here in a couple weeks, I’ll be prepared,' he said. 'I’m not shutting it down for a month like I usually do.'”

I want to say this is stupid.  And somewhat surprising.  I didn't know Teix usually took a month off at the end of the season every year.  If he's been taking a month off and then getting hurt the way he has the last few years, I should shudder at the thought of him working out already.  It's just more pulls and strains and "lingering soreness"-es waiting to happen and that's not what Teix needs to be doing to his beaten body right now.

And yet, I love this move.  Love it.  It's Teix showing a little heart, a little bruise to his pride.  It's him looking at himself in the mirror and deciding something has to change and I love it.  If Teix has decided to say "let's get nuts", shed his robot persona, work himself out all offseason to come back stronger next year, and throw caution to the health wind because he wants to be a better player, that's a guy I can root for.  That's a guy I want to root for.

Plus I imagine his workout routine has to be killer.  Just the whitest, stiffest, goofiest stuff ever.  I picture Teix in an all-white Nike outfit with mismatched socks on and a Sony Walkman CD player strapped to his waistband, just blasting out "Hearts On Fire" while he does calisthenics.

So do it, Mark.  I'm on board with this plan.  I'll get nuts.  If it brings back your game next year, then it was worth it.  I already assume you're going to be on the DL for half the season anyway.  Might as well get the best version of you in the best possible shape.  And if you still stink and you can't hit anymore, at least you tried.