Qualifying Offer Price Bumped Up To $15.3 Million

Almost missed this one.  Via a report by the AP on Tuesday, the price for qualifying offers this offseason has risen to $15.3 million.  This is an 8.5% increase for the $14.1 million value for last year's qualifying offers. The Yankees have a pair of intriguing QO candidates in David Robertson and Hiroki Kuroda.  Robertson is eligible for free agency for the first time this offsfeason and is coming off a year that saw him replace Mariano Rivera with 39 saves, a 3.08 ERA, and a buttload of strikeouts.  15.3 mil is a high price to pay for a reliever, but D-Rob will probably command a big offer on the open market with multiple big budget teams in serious need of relief help.  The Yankees absolutely have to make him the offer to ensure they don't lose him for nothing.  Kuroda makes sense simply because he'll get a 1-year deal on somewhere between $15-16 mil if he decides to stay in MLB for another year and that will most likely come from the Yankees.  There's no harm in making the offer to see if he accepts.

In the previous 2 years of the QO system, none of the 22 players who received offers accepted.  That could change this offseason after the Stephen Drew and Kendrys Morales situations.  Teams have until 5 days after the end of the World Series to make offers to their QO-eligible players.  Players have another week after that to accept.