Report: Yanks Don't Have "A Serious Interest" In Yasmany Tomas

Well this isn't good news:

"According to an industry source, the Yankees don’t appear to have a serious interest in Cuban defector Yasmani Tomas."

This report by George King cites an anticipated price tag in the $100 million range as the primary reason for the Yanks passing on Tomas, which I don't and will never understand.  I don't care how much money they spent last offseason or on whom.  The Yankees still possess the greatest financial advantage over the rest of MLB and they should not be afraid to use it.  If the goal really is to put a "championship-caliber" team on the field, how can you pass on a 24-year-old with grade 70 right-handed power and a plus outfield arm?  Where is that guy in your farm system right now that allows you to say you can't afford that player?

"What's that?  Potentially the next Jose Abreu and we can lock him up through the best years of his prime without sacrificing a draft pick?  No, I don't think that would be a prudent decision at this juncture.  We have Carlos and he should definitely bounce back next year at age 38 after his elbow surgery."


P.S.- The only reason I'm this upset about the report is that I had the exact same reaction to Abreu last year.  I thought his power and hitting skill wouldn't translate and that it would be money wasted.  Tomas is cut from similar cloth and younger.  Remember this when Tomas hits .270/.340/.550 with 33 homers and wins the AL ROY next year.