AL Wild Card Game Thread: OAK vs. KC

Baseball season continues for those who were lucky and good enough to make it to the postseason tonight when the Oakland A's and Kansas City Royals face off for the right to play in the divisional round.  Jon Lester and James Shields are the starting pitchers, both brought in to pitch in this exact type of game by their respective teams and both pitching for a big payday in the upcoming offseason.  I wouldn't mind seeing the Yanks pursue either, but I don't think they need to be all-in on either of them with all the pitching depth they have. Here's your thread for tonight's game if you're interested.  You can also use it to discuss Carlos Beltran's successful elbow surgery, continue to debate the merits of the Yankee free agents and their returning players, or as a suggestion box for more season review ideas.  We'll start with the official review, "The Best & Worst of the 2014 Season", next Monday.  I'll also try to get to some of the early suggestions later this week.