Monday Night "No More Games" Thread

Tonight is the first of what will be a long string of nights and days without Yankee baseball, and it's the only night without any baseball for the next month before the Wild Card play-in games begin tomorrow night.  With that in mind, I figured tonight was a good time to lay out some plans for the blogging offseason. The next few weeks will be spent looking back at the disappointing season that was for the Yanks.  I'll be doing a roster group-by-roster group season review, we're kicking around the idea of going back and looking at some of the most winnable games to see how close the Yankees really were to making the postseason, and we're going to go back and review our predictions to see who did the best and worst.  I'm sure we'll also dive into discussions about which players to re-sign, which guys to let walk, and who the best FA targets are heading into the real offseason.  We'll transition into full hot stove mode once the playoffs end, and we'll eventually get around to an updated top prospect list sometime early next year.

What we're looking for from you, dear readers, are some suggestions or requests for what other types of season review or hot stove topics you'd like us to cover.  The major talking points for this team haven't changed in months, so we assume you aren't going to want to read "Mark Teixeira can't stay healthy, Brian McCann is underperforming, and Joe should have swapped Gardner and Ellsbury in the batting order" for the millionth time.  Quite frankly, I'd rather not write about them again.

Feel free to use this as the suggestion box for that kind of stuff and an open thread to discuss anything else you might want to this evening.  It doesn't have to be limited to review or hot stove stuff either.  More podcasts, mailbags, live blogs, etc.  Let us know what you'd like to see more of on the site and we'll try to accommodate and mix in as many ideas as we can.